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Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a near identical (better?) replacement?
Please take a look at our Vintage Sky Blue Pearl drum wrap.

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Photo of Jim Moody's Pearl drums with Retro Sky Blue Pearl (1)
Photo of Jim Moody's Pearl drums with Retro Sky Blue Pearl (2)
Photo of Jim Moody's Pearl drums with Retro Sky Blue Pearl (3)

Pictures sent in (March 2007) by Jim Moody from Melbourne, Australia of his Pearl drum set. Beautiful pictures Jim!

Jim writes:
Hi Sam,  Happy New Year! Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks.  Finished my drum restoration project over Christmas and had a great time!  The wrap and the parts arrived with supersonic speed to the other side of the world, well packed and undamaged. Thanks!  It took me some time to restore the shells ready to wrap including sanding repairing and re-cutting the bearing edges but the wrap was the easiest and most pleasurable part of the job…The results are great. The new Pearl style lugs we’re a perfect solution to re-chroming my existing ones and the kit looks brand new!  This is an older maple shell Pearl MX kit from the 80’s I bought cheap to fix up and re-sell and I love it so much I’ve decided to keep it instead.

It’s interesting to compare to my other kit (a Birch/Mahogany shell Pearl Session series kit) as I don’t think the sound suffers from “wrapping” at all.  The bass drum and 16″ floor tom on the new [rewrapped] kit sound massive!  I’m now looking forward to another project as soon as possible which might utilize some White Marine Pearl from Jammin’ Sam.  Thanks again for the friendly and professional service.  Kind regards,
Jim Moody  Melbourne, Australia

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