Satin Drum Wraps

fan of satin drum wrap colorsSatin Flame finishes first appeared in the late 1960s. When the Ludwig drum company offered them under the name “Astros”. However, by the time their 1971 catalog was issued, Ludwig had stopped offering them. According to the 1966 Slingerland catalog, they were offering five colors and their 1969 catalog added two more. Slingerland called this line of finishes “Satin Flame Pearl”. However, sometime in the 1970s, Slingerland dropped all Satin finishes from their catalog. And then there was Camco that called them “Moire”, while Gretsch called them “Flames” and out of the Rogers drum company catalogs we have (1967 and 1973) no Satin Flame finishes were listed as being available.

Available Colors…

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