Send Pictures of Your Wrap Project for Our Website!

Send us a few photographs (3 to 5) of your project with your new JamminSam drum wrap and we may put it on our website. So, please give us your best pictures.

We know that you bought JamminSam drum wraps because you are particular about what you put on your drums. In order to show your drums in the best light here are some suggestions for photographing your re-wrapped drums to improve your chances to be included at our web site:

  • Due to various screen resolutions that our web visitors use to view the pictures, we must start with larger files to give us more options. The original file size that comes right out of your camera. Most cameras today make file sizes of more than 4500Kb (some are larger still) Note that because of the large file size, your email system may require that you send only one picture attached to each email message.
  • Always include 3-5 sentences of honest comments on your experience re-wrapping your drums with our wraps.
  • Always include your first and last name, city, state and / or country for the new page at our site.
  • If you can please also include any unique characteristics, the year and the brand of your set.
  • Always take pictures in a well lit environment so that others can clearly see our wrap on your drum set. You might consider a sunny day for a photo session outdoors.
  • Please don’t send images via some kind of link. It may take some time to process each email and the link you supply may have expired. Always send as an attachment or embedded.
  • Please don’t send images that are a collage/patchwork of several photos together.
  • Please use a minimum number of cymbals (to none) in the picture, and bass drums with front logo heads are most desired (but not necessary).
  • Close-up pictures are desired over pictures that include room characteristics and non-related objects (on stage pictures, outdoor, etc. are also desirable.)

  1. Grammar may be corrected
  2. All photos sent to us become the property of Sam Barnard/Jammin Sam and are only used for drum material display purposes.
  3. Photos you provide that are placed on our site will include your name, city, state, and all or a portion of any comments.
  4. Our (previously) unadvertised email address is now listed here (drumpictures [at] and found on the last page of the printed instructions that came with your kit. Please realize that it’s purpose is for testimonials and drum pictures only. Questions and other inquiries sent here will not be answered.
  5. You can also send a CD disc or any physical photographs (and comments) to us through snail-mail. The address can be found at the bottom of the page at Contact Us.

We would love to hear any comments about your experience with our products. Thank you.  

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