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Photo of Jason Vanderpool's Ludwig snare with Multi-color Glass Glitter drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (April 2008) by Jason Vanderpool from Swansea, Massachusetts of his Ludwig snare drum.  Beautiful work Jason! [fblike]

Jason writes:
Please find the enclosed pics of the late 80’s Ludwig slotted coliseum snare I purchased the wrap material for. You guys did an excellent job cutting the material, especially since it was two separate pieces made from four smaller ones. The taping job worked perfectly to hold it all together and the high bond tape is like cement at the joint. My picture skills don’t translate the brilliance of the sparkle when the light reflects off of it. The drum started off as an eBay players’ drum.  The wrap was coming unglued and the rivets were pulling out. I was going to stain it but after seeing the Web examples of the finishes, the colors screamed out to me. The installation of the new finish was only frustrating because I didn’t know if I could line everything up correctly but the well written instructions took most of that frustration away.  Judging by the pictures and positive response I’ve gotten from everyone that has seen it, I think I did pretty good. The grommet tool worked very
easily. Overall, the wrap was worth more than every penny I paid just in looks alone, not to mention this went so well I would do it again without hesitation!   Thanks for Everything,  Jason Vanderpool

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