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Photo of Jeff Steele's Pearl drum set with Silver Glass Glitter drum material (2b)
Photo of Jeff Steele's Pearl drums with Silver Glass Glitter drum wrap (b)

Pictures sent in (March 2006) by Jeff Steele of New Castle, Indiana of his Pearl drum set. Awesome job Jeff! [fblike]

Jeff writes:
I am absolutely delighted with the new look JamminSam has given my kit. This was so easy to do. I really enjoyed the work. Although photographs don’t really do my drums justice, here’s some pictures. The Silver Glass Glitter is much prettier seen with your own eyes!! My Pearl Forum kit is truly customized and absolutely gorgeous!!!  My wife and boys thought I was goofy when I wanted to recover my kit and thought the color I wanted was ugly and old fashioned.  I told them to just wait till I finish them then they will change their tune.  Well when I got the first 2 drums done my wife said how pretty they were and really liked it. Same with my youngest son. My oldest boy still says he doesn’t like them. But everyone at church really, really likes your Silver Glass Glitter!!! Thanks Sam!!  Jeff

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