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Photo of John Mehls' Yamaha drums with Silver Smoke Pearl drum material (1)

Picture sent in (March 2007) by John Mehls from Loveland, Colorado of his Yamaha drum set. Awesome drums John!

John writes:
Wow! I got the materials yesterday, and they’re done today.  Love it. Vintage black pearl. Makes my 1982 Yamaha Tour Customs look great! They were wine red originally and had a lot of road wear on them.  Now they’re ready to go for this weekend. Compliments my bronze snare too. Was going to buy a new set this spring for $2500.00, guess I saved a few bucks and they sure look new to me. Took me about 8 hours start to finish. Having done carpentry and finish work, I didn’t even use the instructions. Nice stuff, Thanks Sam,  John Mehls

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