Snare Strainers

Today, many are building customized snare drums.  We offer several snare parts to accommodate the custom drum builders and those looking for missing parts.

These are quality parts at great prices. We also sell drum headsdrum lugstension rods, t-handles & claws, snare stands.


You might pay more for a snare strainer, but your snare drum will not sound any better than with using our strainers. Our strainers are a quality replacement for most snare drums made today, as well as those in the past.  If you want a quality strainer, we have it at a great price.

12″ Strainer, 16 wire$9.99
13″ Strainer, 20 wire$9.99
14″ Strainer, 20 wire$9.99
14″ Strainer, 42 wire$19.99
Note:  Buy any throw-off and any strainer & receive the plastic strips free! (for mounting)

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