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More Standard Black Diamond Pearl (formerly “80’s Black Diamond Pearl”)

For more pictures of a near identical drum wrap see Black Diamond Pearl (Old) drum material.

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Photo of Charlie Glasgow's Pearl Export drums with Standard Black Diamond Pearl drum wrap

Picture received April 2005 from Charlie Glasgow of Omaha, Nebraska of his Pearl Export drum kit. Terrific work Charlie!

Charlie writes:
Hey Guys: I ordered the “Black Pearl” wrap with tape and eyelets and the drums turned out super!  I’ve had so many great comments and even posted pictures on the Pearl Drummers forum.  They loved the entire job… I bought a 1991 Pearl Export kit, (shells and rims only) off  eBay [with shipping] for $225…the entire project came in at or about $600 [drums, wrap, new head, etc.]… It now looks better than my Rodgers kit back in the 60’s that was the same color.  I called your company today and ordered more wrap as I’ve added a 10×9 rack tom to finish off the kit.  Now if I can only withstand the impulse to buy another kick drum!  I did this as a project kit to sell on eBay and I loved it so much that I ended up selling my newer kit.  You just can’t sell something that looks this great! 
Charlie Glasgow

This color is slightly lighter/grayer than our “Black Diamond Pearl (Old)”, but the pattern is the same for both colors.

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