3/8″ Standard (press-in) Eyelets

These drum breather hole eyelets work very well with our Eyelet installer Tool.  Find out how you can get one free with your order.

NOTE:  All pictured badges for display use only.


Silver (nickel)½”4 for $2.00
Gold (brass)½”4 for $4.00
Black (enamel)½”4 for $4.00
Silver (nickel)¼”4 for $2.00
Gold (brass)¼”4 for $4.00
Black (enamel)¼”4 for $2.00
Note:  When ordering drum wrap, one 3/8″ standard chrome eyelet comes with the purchased wrap for each drum (1 per drum), if requested and no other eyelets are ordered.
Photo close-up of eyelet on Red Glass (Slingerland badge)

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