Throw-Offs & Butt Plates

Today, many are building customized snare drums.  We offer several snare parts to accommodate the custom drum builders and those looking for missing parts.

These are quality parts at great prices. We also sell drum heads, drum lugs, tension rods, strainers, and hard to find rims and hoops.

Cast Butt Plate

Snare Parts: cast butt plate

This butt plate really looks nice- heavy cast glistening metal that defines quality. Mounting holes are approximately 1-3/4″ from c.o.h. to c.o.h.

Butt Plate (cast) ….$7.99


Heavy Duty Piccolo Throw-off

Snare Parts: piccolo throw-off

This is one heavy duty piccolo throw-off that you will be pleased to have on your snare.  Awesome chrome job to boot! Mounting holes are 13/16″ from c.o.h. to c.o.h.

Piccolo throw-off ….$29.99


Gibraltar Heavy Duty Throw-off

Snare Parts: piccolo throw-off

Small contact area, very nice.  Has two vertical mounting screws -mounting holes are 5/8″ from c.o.h. to c.o.h.

Gibraltar Heavy Duty Throw-off (Special Introductory Price) ….$39.99


American Classic Throw-off

Snare Parts: Ludwig style throw-off

Here we have an old favorite that is a standard replacement to many old snare drums- of many brands.  Yes we stock parts for older sets too. Mounting holes are 2-11/16″ c.o.h. apart.

American classic style throw-off ….$24.99


Custom Throw-off

Snare Parts: custom throw-off

You might find one of these selling over $50 at another place, but not here at Jammin Sam.  Save big money on this quality snare throw-off. 2″x2″x2″ (less throw & knob)- fits some older  US & Asian snares. Mounting uses a 4 bolt pattern- 1-9/16″ across, 13/16″ down (c.o.h.), main body

Custom throw-off ….$39.99


Deluxe Throw-off

Snare Parts: deluxe throw-off

How many throw-offs can you find that the bolts adjust to fit a variety of snare drums?  Not many.  Well this throw-off does.  It is very well built with cast parts, a well thought-out design and a nice looking part.

(Adjustable distance between two vertical mounting bolts: 1/2″ – 1 1/2″.)  This throw-off can also be used with piccolo snares.

Deluxe throw-off ….$39.99


We also carry rims, heads, lugs, strainers, and tension rods.

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