Tom Stands

Looking for significant savings on your stands?  We offer quality hardware made by name brand companies, but without the name brand.  We pass the savings on to you, so you get the same quality at about half the price!  The tom stands below are top quality Asian and “L-Arm” style stands with hinged clamping.  We should have a setup that fits your needs.

Asian Style Stand (accepts 7/8″ arms)

Tom stand, heavy duty double braced base

Tom stand, heavy duty, comes w/ 2 memory locks, double braced base, 3 hole mounting  (no attachments) ….$ 99.99

Same stand w/ 2 Asian style arms ….$119.99


Tom stand with 2 Asian style arms

Tom stand w/ 2 Asian style arms (7/8″ pipe), comes w/ 2 memory locks, heavy duty, double braced base (see picture above), 1 extra hole for mounting ….$119.99



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