Tube Clamps

How would you like to save some significant money on your drum hardware? We offer quality name brand hardware, but without the name brand on the packaging.  We save significantly when buying this way, and pass the savings on to you, so you get the same quality at a reduced price!

Standard Tube Clamp

Standard Tube Clamp for musical drums

This clamp is very capable (with a tom arm) of supporting an extra tom or accessory to your set.  It is strong and has a simple style. But if you want more adjustment, see the tube clamp below.

Standard Tube Clamp ….$24.99



Multi-Adjustment Tube Clamp

Multi-Adjustment Tube Clamp for musical drums

This is the finest clamp we sell.  It adjusts in just about every way:  both shafts rotate 360 degrees, and the center bar can be rotated at every position. Also, this clamp is extremely strong:  solid steel parts and a double tension rod design to firmly hold the center bar in place.  You will be extremely satisfied with this well-thought-out, superior tube clamp.

Multi-Adjustment Tube Clamp ….$39.99

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