Used Drum Parts

As we come across them we are making available some used drum parts.

Call for availability, we have more than we list (we buy and sell these parts on a regular basis).

We often have used shells, lugs, mounts, rims, stands, pedals, etc. for the following brands and more:

  • CB/CB 700
  • Enforcer
  • Ludwig
  • Pacific/PDP
  • Pro Percussion
  • Remo
  • Royce
  • Slingerland
  • Sound Percussion


Call for exact availability and prices (our stock is continually changing).

When trying to restore older drums, sometimes the only way to fix a broken or missing part is to find a used one.  Also, one can save some money by buying perfectly good used parts, that look identical in appearnce to new ones.  Most of our used hardware parts are either in “near new” condition, or “like new” condition.  We are picky in what we buy, and what we sell. Whatever the condition is, we try over the phone, to give you an accurate representation of that condition.  To date, no one has complained, in any way, about any of our used drum parts.  What tends to be more the case, is the excitement people have when they’ve found the part they need (possibly because they can’t find it anywhere else).  Let us know if we can help you.

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