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For more pictures of a near identical drum wrap see Black Diamond Pearl (Old) drum material.

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Photo of John Morin's Pacific CX drumset with Vintage Black Diamond Pearl drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (June 2016) by John Morin from Fitchburg, Massachusetts of his Pacific CX drum set. Outstanding John!

John writes:
I had recently purchased a 2006 Pacific CX (by DW) drum kit in the (Vintage) Black Diamond Pearl style wrap for cheap money and to work on as a project. The drums did not come with the add on pack of the 8 inch tom or 16 inch floor tom, so I used a 16 inch floor tom that I had and bought the wrap from Jammin Sam. It is important that people watch the video and read the written instructions prior to installation.
I figured it was a one shot deal and didn’t want to screw it up. I looked at this as an investment, rather than a project, and took my time. When the wrap arrived I looked at it and thought the color was close, only slightly off. Then I realized it had the protective film on it. When I pealed it back, it revealed an exact match to the set. Once the tom was rewrapped and the hardware and heads were put on, it looked factory made. I am considering adding an 8 inch tom at some point, building it in the same way. Anyway, I could not be happier with the results and the people at Jammin Sam. Here are a couple of pictures of the completed floor tom with (Jammin Sam’s Vintage) Black Diamond Wrap.
John Morin, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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