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Photo of Tom Schlitter's drums with Vintage Marine Pearl drum wrap (64)

Picture sent in (June 2012) by Tom Schlitter from Fort Collins, Colorado of his Ludwig drum set.  Awesome job Tom!

Tom writes:
Hi Sam,
The “Buddy Rich” 1980 Ludwig kit.  When Ludwig felt they had secured a contract extension for Buddy to continue as a Ludwig endorser, a special issue kit was configured and catalogged.  However, Buddy signed with Slingerland, so Ludwig had these kits in their catalogs, price lists, etc.  They even had a few in the dealer pipeline. They were quickly recalled but some had apparently gotten out and sold.

This is one such kit.  Purchased as a major restoration project at a local estate sale, I didn’t know how rare it truly was at the time.  Although complete (with stands and even the cannister throne) and stored in a dry environment, the entire kit’s wrap was failing badly.  Remember when Ludwig riveted the seams to prevent them from lifting?  It may have worked when new, but now, thirty-plus years later, had created a big problem for me.  I had no choice but to strip the wrap and start over.

While the drums were apart, I thoroughly cleaned and polished each piece of chrome-plated hardware. Everything looked like new.  I still hadn’t decided on a wrap until I called “Jammin’ Sam”. Sam himself advised me that the “White Marine Pearl” (WMP) finish (our Vintage Marine Pearl) at that time actually exhibited a slightly blue tint. He had this wrap in stock and I received it in less than a week. A very high quality wrap arrived, all cut perfectly to sizes that I specified.

With the drum shells stripped and prepped, it was only a matter of following the detailed step-by-step instructions. With help from my wife, we worked slowly, carefully and methodically.  As you can see, our diligence paid off!  Not only do these drums look new, they sound great!  I still take them on gigs and vintage drum enthusiasts really love seeing them.

Thanks for all your help, Sam.
Tom Schlitter
Fort Collins, CO

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