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Photo of Jeffrey Scott's drums with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (2)
Photo of Jeffrey Scott's drums with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (3)

Pictures sent in (March 2006) by Jeffrey Scott from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of his Ludwig drum set.  Beautiful work Jeffrey!

Jeffrey writes:
Hey Jammin’ Sam, The quality of the wrap and ease of installation was just as you guys said it would be.  All of the tips and guidance offered by Jammin’ Sam made this project an absolute success!  I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice of wrap and the ultimate outcome.  The set you see here is what was salvaged from a full double bass monster kit purchased at a pawn shop in Carson City, Nevada.  The kit was a mixture of late ‘60s and early ‘70s Ludwig and Pearl.  I’m a jazz guy so I ended up keeping 1 – 22 x 18 Ludwig bass, 1 – 16 x 16 Ludwig floor tom, 1 – 12 x 8 Pearl tom and the 14 x 5 Pearl snare.  All of the shells were spray painted matte silver over the original Silver Sparkle wraps to give them a matched appearance and they were a mess! As you can see now…  They are totally restored with your “Vintage White Pearl” finish to bring them back to the original look of the time.  Thanks to you Jammin’ Sam, I get a lot of admiring commentary on this one of a kind Jazz Kit.
Jeffrey Scott

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