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Photo of Justin Boncore's snare drum with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap

Picture sent in (May 2005) by Justin Boncore from San Diego, California of his snare drum.  Great job Justin!
Justin writes:
Hi Sam, First of all I would like all drummers to know that there are still some honest dealers out there!  Which of course is Sam Barnard.  Regarding my lug situation, your honesty saved me money and time.  I took your advice somewhere else [another dealer] and because of your honestly, my drum is now complete.  Certain dealers don’t do that.  Sam, you asked me detailed questions I didn’t think about- great customer service as though I was your only customer. I like to mess with drums.  I have this one odd shell 10×16 (American made)…[that] I bought used for $15, [originally] blue sparkle.  [After filling unwanted holes] I called Jammin Sam, gave Sam my measurements and color.  Once again Sam expressed [helpful info.]- he [desired to] cut it down just a bit so the drum head would fit perfectly.  It does too!  I’m very impressed with this whole process, it’s just so simple.  I know true facts from before and after.  Back in 1965-68 I worked in a drum factory “Drummers Paradise” in Kenmore, New York.  We made “E.W. Kent”.  I worked everyday after school, and 8 hours on Saturdays.  The glue we used was very TOXIC.  My grades in school weren’t very good, but I always had a smile on my face.  Now with Sam’s drum wrap, it’s remarkable for me to re-wrap a drum within minutes w/ no toxins and looking great!  I knew this drum would look good, as I took a few steps back to photograph this drum, I had a “look what I did” attitude.  My wife is a clean freak, she gets uneasy about drums, parts, etc. in the living room.  When I brought this drum in the living room she said, “Oh, that’s pretty, leave it there, it looks like a nice piece of furniture.” Thanx again Sam, Justin Boncore

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