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Photo of Patxi Lebrancon's Maxtone drums with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap

Picture sent in (February 2004) by Patxi Lebrancon from Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain; of his Maxtone drum set.  Wonderful work Patxi and great photo effects!

Patxi writes:
Hi Sam!  The work is done.  Here are some pictures of the “Maxtone” drums recovered.  This is a 20 year old set, originally black wrapped, that was in awful condition.  It took some time to bring it to life again, but recovering really took the smallest part of it!  When I finished the work, I couldn’t believe how easy it had been.  The material doesn’t affect the sound negatively…just the opposite, the drums sound better!!!! (I can’t explain way)  These drums have received a lot of compliments, and many people couldn’t recognize the set as that old set I had.  Thank you for your kind attention, fast shipping and superb material Sam.  We will work together again!  Patxi Lebrancon (Spain)

Patxi has a shop in Spain where they have a drum recovery service called “La Fusa”.  For pricing and information you can phone him at 34 (9) 45-275-423

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