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Photo of Jerry Pate's Pearl drumset with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (2)
Photo of Jerry Pate's Pearl drumset with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (3)
Photo of Jerry Pate's Pearl drumset with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (5)
Photo of Jerry Pate's Pearl drumset with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (4)

Pictures sent in (April 2009) by Jerry Pate from Belton, Texas of his Pearl drum set.  Great work Jerry!

Jerry writes:
Hey guys, I completed my project this morning, wrapping my kit in the vintage white pearl finish.  I love it.  This kit was purchased back in 1984 at Tommy’s Drum Shop in Austin.  They had it stacked from the kick up to the smallest tom.  When I walked into Tommy’s shop and saw it, I told myself, “That’s the one.” This is a pre-Pearl Master’s Maple, and it’s such a great kit.  There’s not another kit in our area that sounds as good.  Mind you, that was 25 years ago when it was purchased and I have had numerous compliments at every gig.  This set has never been abused and therefore treated with a lot of TLC. 

Vintage White Pearl drum wrap is sometimes referred to as marine pearl or just white pearl.


After 25 years, I had recently toyed with the idea of possibly buying a new set, knowing that a kit anywhere similar to the one I have would set me back somewhere around $3,000.00 – $5,000.00 depending on what all I wanted and if I would go with yet another Pearl kit, or perhaps another quality manufacturer.  After not a lot of thought (at spending a few thousand dollars), I began searching and found Jammin Sam’s drum wraps.  For less than $400.00 I took an already beautiful maple set with a rosewood finish and turned it into another jewel of a kit.  It looks amazing and the sound is still just as incredible as it was before I put the new finish on it.  I can’t hardly wait to get it out in public for others to see.  The job itself was a little tedious, not so much with placing the wraps on, but with getting all the hardware off, cleaning and putting it all back together.  My original kit had a 14″ x 22″ kick drum.  I replaced it with a 18″x 22″ Keller maple shell, took all the hardware, hoops and heads off, applied the vintage white marine pearl wrap on it and “wha-la” a brand new beautiful kick drum.  So, for about $550.00 with all the wraps and new kick drum, I have virtually a brand new set of vintage Pearls sitting in my studio.  Maybe I can get another 25 years out of it.  Thanks, Jammin Sam! It’s beautiful! Sincerely, Jerry Pate

Jerry Updated us via Facebook on 16-May-2012

I find myself staring at my kit even after three years since wrapping my drums with Jammin Sam’s product. They are about the most beautiful set of instruments I’ve ever seen. The drums are Pearl pre-Master’s Kit with a natural rosewood finish, bought in 1984 at Tommy’s Drum Shop in Austin, TX. Because they still sound amazing, I decided to change the color and went with the Vintage White Pearl wrap. I’ve had so many compliments. Yes, it takes time and is a bit meticulous, but the results are astonishing. Thank you Jammin Sam. Jerry Pate – Belton, TX

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