Warranty & Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive whatever products you order from us, in excellent condition.  If you are not satisfied in anyway, you may return them for a refund (which in some situations may result in store credit) (provided the items have not been abused or stored for more than 40 days from the date of purchase, cut or marked on, installed, glued, or custom orders– drum material), less shipping & handling, tape and hoop strips.*  But that’s not all!  Our products are under warranty for one full year (from the date of purchase) to be free of manufacturer defects (including drum material – if our hi-bond tape is used, and no additional glue or adhesive is applied – unless recommended by us).

This does not include normal wear [scratches, etc.] or exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures [as determined by Jammin Sam] – whether indoors or outdoors, for any period of time.

We have a long history of helping customers, even when they exposed the wrap to hazards.  For any questions about our warranty or guarantee, just give us a call – we would be happy to answer them.

*A re-stocking fee may apply to certain returns.

Important Note:
A lack of success w/ our “Eyelet Installer” (used for installing eyelets in the drum covering process) does not apply to any warranty or guarantees stated by us toward our drum wraps.  Any problems resulting from the use of this tool is solely the responsibility of the end user and does not result in free wrap replacement.)  Proper use of this tool, while installing our standard replacement eyelets, should produce factory like results.  To date, we haven’t heard of anyone that messed up their new finish using our eyelet tool.

Don’t Be Left Out

Why wait, call today and receive what the pros use at a great price.  Experience the satisfaction of our drum material on your drums, or our other quality products we sell for drums and sound reinforcement.

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