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Mike Pickel's drums with White Satin Flame drum wrap

Picture sent in (May 2005) from Mike Pickel of Ricland Center, Wisconsin of his step-daughter’s drum set.  Beautiful work Mike!

Mike writes:
Greetings Jammin, These drums have quite a history.  My step-daughter acquired these drums (free) at a house foreclosure.  She drove up the driveway with her backseat full of drums.  What a girl!  The set is an Asian set.  They were in terrible condition.  The wrap was black and was faded and hanging off a couple of the drums, some of the rims and lugs were rusted pretty bad and the drums smelled terrible.  The worst part was that there were mice living in one of the toms.  After I served the mice their eviction notice, I began to tackle the recovery process.  Half of the set had to be thrown away because it was just to far gone. With a lot of elbow grease, I put this set back to showroom condition.

This is the 4th drum set I’ve recovered with your wraps.  I’ve never been disappointed with your product.  I decided on White Satin Flame.  Putting the wrap on was the easiest (and the most fun) part of the job.  The bond tape is a master stroke of ingenuity.  As you can tell by the photo, I play left handed.  Mike Pickel

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