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Photo of Scott Schroeder's drums with White Satin Flame drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (Apr 2011) from Scott Schroeder of Denver, Colorado of his (once mutley) drum set. Slick looking drums Scott!

Scott writes:
Hi Sam and Company – Finished up another kit! here is a bit of the back story behind it… I retired from being what I consider an “active player” about a year after my first daughter was born in 2007. I felt it was simply not appropriate to be running around all over the country while my wife got to deal with all of the stuff at home while I was away. I now only do studio work locally, or play shows with other players that I am very familiar with (no drama, good pals – good FUN!). While I have amassed several kits over the past 35 years of playing, as is the case with most, I also amassed a ton of random parts, shells, etc etc etc (ie.CR@P). One of my new years resolutions was to get that stuff organized and purged – so I dove in with grand visions of making hoards of cash on our local Craigs list. I was able to purge quite a bit – but also stumbled on some things I forgot that I had – one being a nearly new 18×32″ marching bass drum. Then I found a 16×16 floor tom with a 13×11 tom nestled inside. All of these drums were in great condition and had very similar long lugs. I just so happened to also have and extra set of Pearl bass drum spurs. Hmmmmmmmm…. so much for selling these off. Besides, I initially cut my teeth in the 80’s hair metal world – so wouldn’t a pseudo Tommy Lee kit be great to have if I should ever find that elusive tribute band? Done. Well, here is the end result. I have gigged it twice in the past month – it is a hoot! One bit of advice to others – make sure the kick drum fits in your car/truck (that was almost a debacle! Just barely fit!) LOVE the color – and the wrap was cut perfectly as always. Once again, thanks a million for another great end result!   Scott Schroeder   Denver, CO

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