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Photo of Joel Stovall's Mapex Saturn drums with White Satin Flame drum wrap

Picture sent in (Nov 2003) by Joel Stovall of Susanville, California; of his Mapex drum set. Spectacular work Joel!

Joel writes:
Attached you will find two photos of my Mapex Saturn Pro Series drums, recently re-wrapped in your White Satin Flame finish, which I hope you can post to you website.  I must tell you that I was kind of hesitant to undertake this project, as I am not what you would call a hands-on type of guy and I didn’t really trust myself to be able to successfully complete this project.  But your instructions were so clear and easy to follow that even I was able to successfully complete this project, and the result is… well, you can see for yourself!  It’s like I have a brand new kit- and they not only look great, they sound great, too!  Thanks a million- for the great wrap and for all of your help.  Sincerely, Joel Stovall

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