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Photo of Michael Duell's restored 1975 Slingerland kit with White Satin drum wrap

Picture sent in (May 2005) by Michael Duell of Watertown, New York of his Slingerland drum set. Stupendous work Michael!

Michael writes:
Hi Sam, I’m sending along stage shots of my restored 1975 Slingerland kit.  The drum shells are 3 ply maple with re-rings, and the lugs, hoops and holders are all genuine Slingerland.  The photos don’t do justice to the almost 3D appearance of the white satin wrap.  In ordinary light they appear to be made from ice- under stage lights they display colors like the Aurora Borealis [northern lights]!  Beautiful!  The drums are incredible to look at and to play.

Your Instructions are excellent and the wrap job wasn’t very difficult.  It took me approximately 8 hours to install the wrap itself [entire job].  The special tape for the seam is excellent and holds extremely well.  You were very helpful when I had questions, and shipment of the wrap was very timely.  My recommendation to new customers would be to follow your instructions exactly and they will be very pleased with the results.  It’s been a gratifying experience and I will be a repeat customer!  All the best Sam, Michael Duell

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