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Photo of Rick Daub's Pearl kit with White Satin Flame drum wrap (9)
Photo of Rick Daub's Pearl kit with White Satin Flame drum wrap (10)

Pictures sent in (Oct 2011) by Rick Daub of Sun City, Arizona. Looks ready to rock Rick!

Rick writes:
Hi Sam

I figured I’d join the ranks of happy customers, and send you a couple of shots of the finished product.

This is an older Pearl Export kit, probably made in the early 90’s, I’m not sure. I originally bought it to use as just a practice kit, that would be smaller and easier to move around for rehearsal. I used to tell people it has more dents and scratches than a ’57 Chevy…but not now!

The old finish was the wine red, and came off very easily. The white satin flame went on even easier, and looks a whole bunch better! I can’t wait to see what this kit looks like under the lights. Being a neutral color with a unique texture, it should change color with the lights.

Customer service and the product itself are both top notch! Maybe I should buy another used kit so I can have an excuse to recover another one…don’t tell my wife I said that!

Rick Daub
Sun City, Arizona

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